Saturday, July 17, 2010

Numbers and stuff

I posted this elsewhere, but I figured this was good blog material. I go over this briefly in the systems section, but this is more in depth. What we have here is basically how the battle system handles numbers.


Damage Algorithm = (User's Offense * Skill modifier / 10) - (Target Defense / 20) + (Random Number 1-5) * (Elemental Modifiers) + (Critical Check) / (Target's Barrier)

Offense: That stat used for offense can either be Power or Knowledge. Power is used for Melee and Knowledge is used for Magic. This stat is divided by ten to make up your base damage. 

Defense: The stat called Parry reduces damage from both Melee and Magic attacks. It is divided by twenty before being taken into the formula. Since it is divided by twenty in the formula, this means that damage will always be dealt and that it is very hard to overcome damage with defense. Only reduce it.

Skill Modifier: Skill modifiers are merely a single number that the offensive stat is multiplied by at the beginning of the formula. It can be a number anywhere from 2-15. Different skills have different skill modifiers. Obviously higher skills have higher modifiers generally, but since they cost more EP(MP) it's a tradeoff. As a general rule. The less hits a skill has, the higher the skill modifier. To a point that is, the highest skill modifier a starter single hit skill could have is 4.

Random Number: This is merely bonus damage that is added onto the base damage in order to diversify the numbers seen. It is randomly chosen and can be anywhere from one to five.

Elemental Modifiers: Nearly every attack has an element attached. Depending on the target's elemental rating, the damage is reduced or multiplied accordingly. Each Character/Enemy has an elemental resistance that ranges from -1 to 3 on each element. 

If it's -1, then damage is tripled.

If it's 0, then damage is doubled.

If it's 1, then it does normal damage.

If it's 2, then damage is divided by two.

If it's 3 then damage is divided by three.

So it's important to check resistances and use the right skills and spells so that you don't waste EP doing little damage.

Critical Check: Depending on the skill in use, there will be a different critical check used. There are four types. 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, and 1/10 chances of striking a critical. As a general rule, the less hits a skill has, the higher it's critical chance. The more hits, the less chance there is to crit.

Barrier: This is a value that all enemies possess. It is like a second HP value. As long as they still have Barrier remaining, then at the end of the damage algorithm, the calculated damage is divided by 2. Even critical damage is reduced by this. Some skills can ignore barrier and strike directly at HP.

Crossover Damage Algorithm: User's Offense * User's Rank * Skill Power / Target Parry / 25 + Elemental Check + Critical Check + Barrier Check

For crossover skills, the user's Power or Knowledge is taken and then multiplied by their current Rank, and then multiplied by the Crossover Skill's Base Power. Base power is different for each crossover. The result is then divided by the target's defense, and then the whole thing is divided by 25. After ALL of this is calculated, the skill's element is taken into account, followed by the critical check, and finally the barrier division.

Another thing to note about this all is that the player will never miss. I despise missing and I facepalm every time I see it happen in other games. Therefore, I got rid of it. I do believe that is it for my numbers. I'm not a big math person so I try to keep it as simple as I can.


Now for general progress. I have finished all the sprites I need to get back to work on making the scenes to finish off day one. Once I finish all that and test it myself, it will be time to allow the team to test and give opinions, and THEN we continue onto day two of the game. It feels great to finally be making a GAME instead of just spriting and setting up systems. I'm pretty excited myself actually!


To leave off, have these.

This here is music track from the game composed by Troy Grant. He makes some pretty epic music and I'm glad to have him aboard!

And that'll be all on my end! Till next time!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video: Trial Gameplay

Yep. For those who don't get to try it. Here's a video for you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marching On~

It seems that my passion for GoA is beginning to die down for now. So while I'm free from it, I'm working on SEM some. So far I've completed the intro scenes and began on the first scenes from the first story quest. I got a friend to look over my current script for the scenes to come and he gave me some very good rewordings and other fixes, so hopefully it won't be too terrible now. 

Anyway, I'll leave off with these sprites and a screen and rush back to work while I still feel inspired.