Sunday, October 30, 2011

Update: New Layout & Link Arts

Holy crap, an update! I know, amazing.

Anyway, I have something tangible to show, so why not?

A new system has been implemented into the battle system. They're called Link Arts. Which is based off of a similar mechanic present in Tales of Xillia. The functionality between the two versions are different however, due to one being a Real-Time battle system, and the other being ATB turn based. What they are in basic terms are co-op skills between two characters.

Link Arts are combination skills like those used in ToX. They contain elements and properties that the character may not have access to otherwise as well as have effects from both command skills involved in the link if applicable. Link Arts are the very last skills to be used in order. After a burst/ether skill, if a Link Art can be used, a message 'Chain Chance!' will appear for about a second. Hold Decision during this time to activate the available Link Art. Multiple Link Arts can be activated if the correct combination of Command Skills are active, but the command skills needed are different for each Link Art, so you also need to take heed of your entire party combination if you want to use more than one in a chain.

Link arts require a command skill from both characters to be active. Once a Link Art is used, the command skills involved in their activation will be ended. What makes Link Arts effective is the fact that the stats of both characters involved in the Link Art with be combined before the effect occurs. All passive effects involved in the calculation will be bolstered by the combined stats of both characters.

All I can say on the decision to include them is...fear not. They are really simple to implement and don't drag me down any. It took little effort at all. Though maybe I am a little biased since I know my own code....Hm, either way!


You may also notice that the blog's design has changed, I decided to experiment a little and see if I could further customize my blog to make it more...'mine'. I think I succeeded. Maybe.

If you're curious about the art, then here. It makes for a good wallpaper actually! *totally using this as a wallpaper myself*

Art by Eredhen

Anyway, that's all from me. In other terms of progress. I've completely mapped and puzzled day 2 and 3's dungeons. I need to add puzzles to the first dungeon still, and I'm currently working on making tiles for day four's events. All I can say in regards to that is; when you're making a dungeon, PLAN THE HELL OUT OF THE PUZZLE YOU PLAN TO INCLUDE BEFOREHAND! Seriously, making a pile of maps and then going back in to add a puzzle REALLY does not work. It really doesn't. At all.

I hope to update sometime sooner than I did this one! But we'll see! Maybe we'll have a demo sometime in 2038, hah! 

Till then.