Saturday, June 11, 2011

Video Update

So I made a video compiling snippets of recent progress. Here you go.

Hello all, I figure I'd make a new vid since it's been a long time. So I compiled a bunch of progress and tossed it all into this one video. We have several different things going on here, so I'll explain.

First is a rather useless, but nice to look at, feature; randomized title screens. The one you see is completely random and chosen differently every time you start up. Nothing life changing but it was far too easy to implement and I think it looks nice! Haha. The title images were created by my good friend Erika. Yes, Erika, you're awesome! No escape! No denial! 8V

Next we have a battle. The battle shows off two things....okay, three things. First and most important are the function of Time Cards.

They're similar to Mana Khemia in that certain skills used will generate a time card. Time cards have different effects ranging from support attacks to healing and buffing.

In this battle, you can see an example of offensive and restorative time cards. Gunnar's Energy Storm, when extended into Exceed Limit, creates a time card that lets off three additional attacks when Gunnar takes his next few actions.

Patchoulli's Healing Echo creates a time card that when Patch takes her next few turns, the ally with the lowest LF will be healed. This has 4 charges.

Also shown are new playable character, Mir ,in battle as well as Enemy life bars, which are revealed after using Analyze on them.

And finally we have some town, menu, and scene shenanigans. Nothing much to be said here other than the fact that I redid the main menu's layout! Much more functional!

Suggestions and such are welcomed, so feel free to chime in!

And that's all from me. Over and out.