Friday, January 14, 2011

Skills: The Neverending Saga

And so, I come to update once more. What about? Skills again of course! Coming once again from DBAce09aura.

Ether spells have received a reworking. Not a total revamp, but now, all ether spells have special effects attached to them to insure that they all have a use! With these new spell effects in play alongside other character specific details, it serves to make the spells you want each character to learn even more important along with the way you level their stats and which passive abilities you have them learn.

An example of some effects implemented would be...(taken from the design document)

*Thunderbolt: "Bypasses Bolt resistance."
*Shade Imperial: "An additional skill may be used after." (FROST/FLAME/BOLT)
*Crystallize: "Reduces target EP by 10"
*Aqua Rune: "Disables Ether Skills."
*Petite Flamme: "Inflicts BURN status."
*Earth Rage: "May grant Caster PRY UP status."
*Aero Burst: "Regain 5 EP if BP is full."

...And so on and so forth.

I took the time to implement fancy little animated area openings for dungeon locations. It's all very organized, so I don't have to work hard to edit it if necessary!

Area Rank Limit determines how far you can level in an area before your EXP starts getting severely cut, forcing you to move on to stronger areas. That's also implemented just fine. I just never got around to displaying that information to the player till now. *hits self* But it's all out of the way now!

In other news, I also have cut the amount of enemy targets from 3 to 4. The coding for 4 enemies will still be there, but I will only ever use three unless some special circumstance comes up for 4. That should speed battle up a bit more.

And I leave off with art! I may be overlapping with this. I'm not sure!