Monday, September 7, 2009

I come bearing goods

So I've been doing some work. For today, we have some screenshots, a video, and some art.


And here's your video.

This is a test boss battle with the new battle system for Sacred Earth: Bonds REMAKE. I'm also using this to create a first time basic non-random boss strategy.

This boss has a set routine to lower your ice resistance with two ice spells, and then strike with a big ice spell for maximum damage, and finally heal afterwards. So you have to counter her ice spells with ice protection in between taking your own actions while finally still dealing enough damage to counteract her healing. If you slip up even once, you probably WILL die. Luckily I didn't in this video, but I lost once.

The key is to either strike at her weakness, which is fire, or whittle away at her Barrier and deal maximum damage.

As you can see, this is much more strategic than SEB1, off the bat. I'm hoping to keep stuff like this going and expand on this as I go.


And finally, some art.

Meet Fae Lin. She's a fairy of undetermined age. Isn't she cute? Well you'd better get used to her. Because she's your save point. Oh and I forgot to tell you, She's got the rudest mouth ever. Good luck~

Art by Nessiah

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