Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some changes have been made

Hello people. I'm not completely okay yet, but things are starting to look up a little. I got a job so I expect my free time to tank. But I'll keep working and try to get a sizable demo out. I can't say when but I don't want to rush and make mistakes, so we'll see.


There's something else I want to address. If you aren't observant, then you may not notice that Nessiah has been removed from the team list and Lily is there now. Well a lot of things have happened now, and I feel really bad about it. But I think everything that can be done was done. There are no problems between us and we're still friends I hope.

And on that note, allow me introduce Lily. If you've visited the Magician's Quest link in the blogroll then you already know of her. She's a good friend of mine and she's agreed to take over from the ground up. So treat her well, okay? Here's an example of her work for the curious.

These are the faces that will be shown during skits. Which are side conversations that can be passed over at player discretion. They serve mostly to flesh out characters and give player insight on their opinions about current events, the people around them, and each other.


And while we're on the subject of changes, Veili is getting one as well. I figured we had the chance since artistic resources were being done from the ground up again, so Veili will be getting changed into her SEB2 outfit. This way she and Gunnar aren't wearing the same thing! Plus it's a more interesting design. I've already started remodeling her sprites for this. Don't worry, it won't take too long at all. I pretty much just need to reshade the hair on her SEB2 sheet and then edit her SEM specific OB sprites and we're done. Here is what I have so far:

As you can see, it's looking better and it'll be less of an eyesore to see the same thing on two characters!


And then have some screenshots! One thing to make note of now is that there are elements on the status menu now, so you'll know what NOT to do with your characters now. It's all on you~

Also, yes that battle screenshot demonstrates Crossover. You see Mir attacking but she doesn't have a battle HUD! She was called in by someone else for an EX Block.


Annnnd I think that's about it for now. Have some art to leave off!

Art by Kafuka-Chan.

Till next time~


  1. To be honest, I think Veili's old hairstyle fits her perky and impulsive personality better. I notice this change was probably made to make the art more consistent with SEB2, so I suppose changing it back to her initial hairstyle may no longer be an option, but I'm curious about why you changed it to begin with, since her original hairstyle seemed to suit her pretty well.

    As for the new clothes, I like the shirt, though the skirt looks more like very short shorts than it does a skirt. Lengthening it and making it hang off her legs a bit might make it look better. Having her skirt flow similarly to the way her hair does would probably make it look more skirt-like as well, though I have no idea how difficult that might be.

    I don't mean to sound too negative on the art though, since it is pretty impressive. When I first saw a video of the game on Youtube, I was left thinking it was a good looking DS RPG that I had somehow never heard of.

  2. Oh hey, I didn't even see this comment. Sorry for the late reply.

    As you said, Veili has pretty much been set in stone right now. In order to match things up with SEB2 as well as give her a unique appearance, it had to be done. I'll be doing something with her old hairstyle though. Don't worry.

    Thank you for your feedback.