Friday, September 10, 2010

Video: Quests & Brave Clear & RANKUU UPU

"Apologies for the off sync-ness. My laptop isn't exactly cutting edge now. 

This is just an example of taking quests from NPCs as well as the Brave Clear, and Hit Counter Systems.

Battles will present you with random restricting challenges that you can adhere to gain a large boost to your battle score if fulfilled, which gives you the chance to get a higher battle grade, which in turn increases your overall SP and RP gain. But know that it is entirely optional. You can ignore these conditions. You merely won't get the Brave Clear Bonus for following them.

The Hits and Damage Counters are also two new systems I've implemented. On top of giving you a general idea of how much damage you're doing, your hit count gets added onto your damage in real time as they connect. So damage will actually escalate as the combo rises.

You also get a bonus onto your SP at the end of each combo based on your total damage. So deal as much damage as you can in order to get lots of bonus SP!"


In other news, I have been plugging away at story events. Refining them and making sure they flow together. I've also got battle voices for most of the party, so that has also been implemented. However most of the work I've been doing is in the design document. Typing out ideas and setting others in stone. Why am I doing all this instead of advancing the story? Well I'm moving too fast and others need to catch up mostly. Amusing as that way sound. I also want to consolidate the game's engine before I march off and make story and battles, then end up having to go back and fix things!

That's all from me, have some random art to leave off!

Art by Nebelstern

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