Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trucking along

Whoa, an update within the same month.


True facts aside, I do have something worth noting to say today.

What's that?

Well, I'm proud to announce with I have finally killed the Skill Cancel Bug that plagued the battle system. Through a combination of changing the method of reading skills used and an overhaul of the ATB system(both utilities credited to PepsiOtaku), and some editing of existing skill code by myself, it's been made pretty clear that the issue is now a thing of the past. I'm really happy that it's gone though. Especially sooner rather than later. Because my motivation for the project was waning pretty badly in the face of this issue.

But that's a non issue now. What's next?

I'm still undecided on the field interaction issue, but I've been doing some thinking for the past few days and I think I can say that going back to explorable maps is very likely. I'm not going to make areas huge and the obstacles are not going to be revolutionary. I'll be reusing the SEB tool system in order to push things along. Thankfully the work for it was already done. I just need to reintroduce it into the sub menu code. Not a huge deal.

On the battle end of things again, I will be making a major adjustment to the Combo Chain System and it's relation to Ether, Burst, and EX skills. Now, when using any of those three skills, the Total Damage from the combo will be added to the damage of the skill in differing percentages. Ether gets 25%, Bursts get 50%, and EX/Link Arts get 75%. This should encourage more use of those skills other than just Chains. But Chains are not rendered useless now. All skills need to be used in conjunction in order to maximize damage. The current demo is rather easy, but from Day 5 and on, the kid gloves will most definitely be coming off.

So what do I need to do overall?

- Make the changes to the combo chain system
- Finish adding Caith to the menu systems
- reintroduce walkable maps to the game and phase out symbol maps. Thankfully I have leftover maps I can reinstate. Day 4 will require new maps however.
- And once that's all done, resume progress as normal.

And to leave off, here's a WIP of Veili's new idle stance. The old one was bothering me now that I look at it recently.

Till next time!

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