Saturday, April 27, 2013


SEM has been on ice for a long while now, but I finally decided to buck off all previous distractions, namely those of the RP variety, and get back to work. In just the past few days, I managed to consolidate Day 3's events and gameplay. I played through it myself and it runs just fine. There were some minor irritating bugs, but I ironed them out now.

It's a great feeling to finally be making actual story progress instead of just working on the battle system for 278234781 years. As much fun as it is. However, there are still kinks to work out in the system. But fixing these will require skills that I unfortunately do not have, and likely cannot recruit. Namely, action interruption and other minor battle flow technicalities. I've been watching the RM community to see if anyone would eventually tackle it, but no dice!

Therefore, it comes to my next point. I am targeting May 5 for the release of SEM's first public demo. It will contain the story and gameplay of Day 1 to Day 4 in it's entirety. I chose Day 4 as it's the perfect spot to cut off at. It's my hope that when people play the game and see just how irritating these battle flow technicalities are, that they can be addressed. Nevertheless, that's my plan! If I don't reach May 5th, then I'll just keep working and release it some time after. Either way, it's coming.

In any case, have some screenshots of events from Day 3.

Things are shaping up well overall. I'm finally beginning to settle into a nice working routine with the days, and I hope that I can continue this along and finally make the push needed to get the ball rolling on the story for real. I seriously want to get the action started. Because it feels like I've been playing a slice of life anime. Even if it is necessary, haha.

Anyway, that's all from me. I don't have much time left and I have new material I have to make for Day 4, so it's back to work!

See ya.

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