Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Update 3/3/2015

Hello people.

It's that time again. Time for an update. Now, what's been done in the time since the last update?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

...Okay that's a huge lie. We've actually made a TON of progress, I can proudly say. The game, in it's current form is at a playable state, which includes the entirety of the first chapter. The battle system and it's mechanics are completed, the Symbol Map system is functional, and the menu systems are all mostly functional.

What needs to be done now is work on various assets. I have people assisting me with spriting, so the battle sprites are being handled at a good rate. I wager the playable party members will be completed sooner than forecasted. Music is being made at a good rate as well. I definitely have to give my respect for those who are contributing to the project.

I'll take this time out to speak a little about one of SEM's current character customization systems.

Master Quartz

In the last version of the game, characters leveled up, and upon doing so, they gained more of a certain stat of the player's choosing. This could be changed at any time. I decided to do something different this time.

Now, each character has 5 slots in which they can equip different 'Quartz'. One Master Quartz, which influences the character's entire stat spread by percentages, with positives and negatives. Then four base Quartz, which determine the character's elemental resistances, stats by numbers, as well as any other additional effects.

With this system, you can more directly build your character's stats by changing their combination of Master Quartz, along with Base Quartz, without having the permanence of spending points on them and being dissatisfied later.

Both Master and Base Quartz can be found on Symbol maps, as there is no buying items with money.


And that's pretty much it.

Have some visuals.

And I'll leave off with some art.

Art by Ryuuen

And that's all from me. Till next time.

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