Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My despair. Feel it.

Wow, I am so bored these days that I'm blogging about it. There's not much else to do. :<

FFTA2 is getting annoying. My handy sketchbook has been run out too. At least I went out with a nice group picture for the last page. Too bad I can't scan still.

So what have you losers been up to these days? Is Tales of The Great Old One finished yet? Did Anaryu fall off Mount Everest? Has Ocean given in to the Foodmonster? Is Sacred Eternal Seraphim Cirno done yet, Nessiah? Has Project DOAD gotten that one star review yet? Has Neok made AAG even more impossible while I wasn't looking? Will I ever stop asking inane questions? Find out next time onnnn, Cloudreach Ball Zeeeeeeee


Moving along. I read that Ar Tonelico 3 was announced a bunch of days ago. I like the character designs so far. But...but...Why 3D!? D:

I guess it's sort of inevitable with the industry these days. 2D is very quickly becoming obsolete. Every game review I've seen for 2D games these days has been 'bawww the graphics suck!', which is kind of a downer. I like 2D :<

First it was Trinity Universe, then it was Atelier Rorona, and now it's Ar Tonelico 3!

To their credit though, they look great imo, but...but...3D! D:
Oh well.

What else...

Have some random videos!

*Skie runs*

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