Friday, October 9, 2009

Still alive...barely

It's been many centuries since I made a blog entry. It's been, busy for me as of late. So I haven't been working on my projects much...or at all. I've switched modes from RPG Maker to drawing and playing games.

I've been playing 'Star Ocean: The Last Hope' at the moment. In all honesty, it's a terrible game in many, many aspects, but it's one saving grace is the battle system. If only that battle system was attached to a getter game! Ah well, I'm almost finished with it. Just a little bit more and then I can free myself from it, ...'kay?

What else. Ah, right. Drawing. I've been doing a lot of drawing in my sketchbook recently. I think I've gotten a lot better in that aspect. But I bet my tablet-fu has regressed. It's been a long while! D:

It's a shame my scanner won't work on this computer. Otherwise I'd show some of my recent work.


It's a little late incoming from me, but Project DOAD was finished and released in full some time ago. I decided to forgo custom music and just release the game. It pains me to not have what would no doubt have been some excellent music from tyvb, but he had his own problems to deal with. Anyway, it's there on it's blog page.

I'm also helping out with a cross over game effort called Cross Retro. It's actually really amusing, but it's still in progress. Check out the test videos!

And finally, can't end a blog entry without some kind of visual. Let's see now.....

Aha, Videos!

"Caith is not pleased"

Alright enough dumbassery. Skie signing out! ( ' w ' )/

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  1. Skiie draw my characters for me >:3

    Speaking of gaming, I do want to get around to playing more Ar Tonelico 2. I didn't get too far in it really.

    Also, never thought I'd see you use this: ( ' w ' )/

    But yeah, see you soon! :3