Thursday, October 15, 2009

So we meet again...and again...and again.

Beware, there is not a single mention of Sacred Earth in here. You have been warned.

I swear, if there is a god of luck in some far off mythology somewhere. I formally present to you this message:




So over the past few weeks I've somehow managed to catch a cold, get over it, catch another one, get over that, and then catch yet another one on top of that. Back to effing back! What the hell? >:V

Needless to say I am not happy sitting here running through paper like some kind of sniffling, sneezing automaton...

Heh, an automaton.


ANYWAY, moving away from my health issues...

I've beaten 'Star Ocean: The Last Hope' some days ago. Thank the heavens. I have to say though. The last boss is so cheap and annoying. I mean, I beat him on my first try, but all of his attacks are all designed in such a way that they all piss you off. The ending was nice though. Too bad I didn't get the special endings. Ah well, I'm not playing that again. Moving right along.

I also picked up 'Final Fantasy Tactics A2' upon beating SO4. I was already playing this but I had put it down some time ago. Getting back on my current playthrough, I'm currently just messing around doing quests and training my party for the big story mission that I lost to the last time I was playing. I hope to finish that soon. As much as I hate to admit it though, this is the best DS SRPG I've played so far. Imagine if Paradise Blue was an SRPG and you have FFTA2, heh.

What else...Ah right, I'm almost out of sketchbook paper. I've been drawing a lot and I'm actually happy with a good amount of them. Too bad I'm definitely not going to feel like scanning all that crap in once I can. I guess that's not too bad. It's not like every piece has to to leave my sketchbook...right? D:

Anyway, I leave off with random visuals.

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