Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The battle for the Holy Gra-I mean, Tears Crown begins!

Hello losers, how's everything going? :3

Me? I've beaten Nostalgia. Easy game through and through...except for Airship battles. But anyway. Summon Night X came out in japan. So of course I have to try it out. It's good fun. Another NORMAL RPG to play on the DS! It's 2D too! I know, what is this madness!? I can only hope this gets localized, like how Tales of Hearts should have been localized. >:|

It starts out in typical Summon Night fashion. Choose either the male or female main character(I chose the male, He looks cooler. 8D). Then watch a long winded intro play out. Yeah, I know. PEOPLE TALKING IN AN RPG!? Well then you haven't played a Summon Night game. They have the most long winded intros ever. But once you get past that and start playing, it's good fun. Have a video.


In other randomness...I got an external HD yesterday and got all my important stuff off my laptop. It's a much better backup method than a dinky flashdrive. So now my project's future is no longer in jeopardy. Hooray!

Anyway, I leave off with randomness.


  1. I still haven't gone far in the first Summon Night game!... was I even playing it in english? I forget. I'm looking forward to Saga 2 though!

  2. *__* summon nigghhtss. I haven't played past the first one...but this one is on my MUST list!