Friday, November 20, 2009

The Return of Stuff and Things

(This one's for you Neok! >:V)

...So yeah, obligatory boredom entry. What have I been up to these days? Wellllllll I scanned in a metric boatload of drawings that I almost immediately scrapped on my DA! Have one!

And then I made some throwaway sprites for other people like that one game Vylternia Chapters. Like so.

I was supposed to do more, but Despite hasn't contacted me, so I assume my job is done! Oh well! 8D


What else...So I was haunting some game sites and I discovered that Super Robot Wars
Endless Frontier EXCEED is in the making. YES, another traditional rpg on the DS! It's incredibly fanservice-y though. Even more so than the first game if the heroine is any indication. Trailer for the record.

But still is looks like it's going to be even more fun than the first game. I look forward to it.

In regards to other commercial games coming out Lufia DS was announced! YES! It's a remake of Lufia II! HOLY SHIT YES! It's a 3D Action RPG and all the character designs of old have been thrown away! YESSSSSSSSS-wait, wait, wait! WHAT!? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Scans to demonstrate.

It actually looks like it could be fun in a way, but....I'm going to miss my good old classic 2D Lufia II. :<


In the middle of my scouring of youtube, I also found this. It's an RM CBS.

Looks interesting. Hopefully Mastervlad can build on what Eternal Sonata started.

Anyway I'm off!

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  1. Oh that video made my day. I'd love to play something like that one day. Well...Rpg Maker wise at least.