Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ugh, time to get back to....w-work.

So, uh...Projects are finally off the backburner. I'm getting back to work. I feel kinda sad though. I'm going to miss my spontaneous rage/boredom blog posts centered on games and randomness.

Ah well, I guess I can't take a break forever.

Here's what I'm working on now. I'm currently writing up all character skills, like so.

---- Gunnar Skills ----

--- OutBurst ---

1. Twilight Arrow - EP Cost: 10 - Hits: 3 - Light Arrow Erupts intop energy pillar on target.
2. Judgment Arrow - EP Cost: 20 - Hits: 5 - Light Energy forms into laser blast.
3. Iron Feather - EP Cost: 30 - Hits: 1 - Boost Party Stats with invigorating power. All Stats + 30
4. Energy Storm - EP Cost: 40 - Hits: 4 All - A volley of light arrows rain upon enemies.
5. Element Sword - EP Cost: 50 - Hits: 1 - Strike all foes with the element sword for major damage.

--- Ether ---

1. Dark Cry - EP Cost: 10 - Element: Shadow - A black sphere rages on the target.
2. Shadow Barrier - EP Cost: 15 - Element: Shadow - Protect an Ally against Shadow Element.
3. Devil Ray - EP Cost: 20 - Element: Shadow - A pillar of shadow energy erupts under target
4. Shadow Aura - EP Cost: 25 - Element: Shadow - Protect the party against Shadow Element.
5. Shadow Star - EP Cost: 30 - Element: Shadow - Dark Meteors rain down on the target.
6, Electroshock - EP Cost: 10 - Element: Bolt - A single lightning bolt strikes the target.
7. Bolt Barrier - EP Cost: 15 - Element: Bolt - Protect an Ally against Bolt Element.
8. Judgment Bolt - EP Cost: 20 - Element: Bolt - Several lightning bolts rain down on target.
9. Bolt Aura - EP Cost: 25 - Element: Bolt - Protect the party against Bolt Element
10.Sacred Lightning - EP Cost: 30 - Element: Bolt - Divine Lightning strikes the target.

It helps me remember what the heck I was going to give so and so character in regards to skills. With SEB2, I mostly just ad libbed character skills based on graphics on hand at the moment. This is a bit more organized.

I'm also working on the Community Requests Board. Here's what I have so far.

One major change I'm making to this board is that I'm cutting the number of requests per chapter from 10 to 5. Just to get on with development. I'm making cuts in other areas as well in order to allow me to actually get to making the game. It's not good to be stuck in pre-dev limbo forever!

I also made this to get back into the groove of spriting. Had to try and get used to Windows 7 Version of Paint.

Anyway, I'm getting back into things, yeah. It's a little hard though, since now I have to recall all sorts of things and rewrite all my old info. I'll get back on my process eventually though.

I guess this marks the end of random gamer rage blogging for now!


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