Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Update

Christmas? Are you trying to make me laugh? Disappear from my sight...

I share Flann's sentiments by the way. But enough of that! Enjoy your materialism day, all of you people with normal, stable lives!


Moving on, I have an update for today. It was an idea I've had brewing for a while now. What is it?

I call it the Battle Ranking System. How does it work? Well you see; during battle your progress is actually being monitored behind the scenes. Once the battle is finished and you're back on the map, a battle report will show up and display how well you did. Based on certain variables in battle, you will get a score. Based on this score, you get ranked from either Rank D to Rank S. Depending on the rank you get, your SP/RP gain is multiplied anywhere from 2-5.

So basically it's to your benefit to do well in battle and get a good grade in order to increase your SP/RP gain! The values that affect your score are as follows;

Remaining LF: Each party member's remaining LF to taken as a percentage and that percentage is added to the score.

Remaining EP: Remaining EP is added to the score.

Souls Remaining: You gain or lose points based on if you've had no deaths, if you died a little, or if you died a lot.

Turns Taken: The amount of turns each member went is combined and then you gain or lose score based on the resulting value.

Brave Clear Complete!: This is a boss battle only condition. If you follow the Brave Clear Criteria during a boss battle, then you gain a huge bonus onto your total score.

And now for the Ranks and their multipliers;

Rank D - No gain, just the base value provided by the enemies, which isn't much on it's own. Ranking up will be a far off dream if you keep getting Rank Ds.

Rank C - Gain is multiplied by 2. It's more than Rank D, but it may not be sufficient for Ranking Up in a timely manner.

Rank B - The middle ground. Gain is multiplied by 3. It should be enough to comfortably get you to the next rank at average time.

Rank A - Gain is multiplied by 4. It's not Rank S, but this is just fine as well. This is usually what you plan to shoot for, since Rank S may be hard to consistently get.

Rank S - The best battle rank. Gain is multiplied by 5. You will get a lot of SP and RP with this Rank. Do your best to get this when possible. Usually you'll need Brave Clear Completes to get Rank S

Good news is, it's all set up! It's not just another throwaway concept. I think this will add more meaning to battles and the gaining of SP and RP.

Have a screenshot rundown! I'd post a video but I really don't feel like recording tonight.


In closing have some art. JIHAUS thinks that Luxuria doesn't have enough art. So he drew some.

And with that, away I go!

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