Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun with sprites + Question # 12839712

So I've been working on sprites, I'll show some now.

Remake of Gunnar's last OB, 'Element Sword'. It's one of the only two OBs that he kept from SEB1! We'll see how it turns out in the new version!

This is an enemy sprite sheet. There isn't much because monsters don't need much. one or two sets of attack frames for enemy FBs should do.


Well it looks like Exploration is winning the quest method poll. I think it's decided then, thanks guys.

Next, I have another question for you all.

I'm working on the character growth system at the moment. I was discussing with someone about stat caps, and he got disappointed that there were going to be caps on stats.

In SEB1, there was no limit to stats, you could get to 999 in everything for every character if you tried. While I don't know of anyone that actually did that, it was very possible.

My new idea was the enforce character stat caps on advancement. Here's a snippet from my design document on the matter

----- Character Stat Caps -----

I've decided to enforce GUST/Atelier style number scales with my battle system. I choose this to make larger numbers mean more down the road. It's not impressive to see your characters bust out 1000+ damage right at the start. But when they start out hitting for fives and tens, when you finally start doing 1000+ damage. It will be much more rewarding. Plus I think it ups the challenge and it feels more exciting.

That's the idea at least. It's already been implemented. Now to see how it turns out in the long run.

I've also had the tentative idea of enforcing stat caps that are different for each character. I figured this would be good to make characters good at something and bad at something else.

Here are the caps for everyone.

--- Gunnar ---

LF : 336
PWR: 345
PRY: 207
KNW: 385

--- Veili ---

LF : 445
PWR: 330
PRY: 245
KNW: 190

--- Priel ---

LF : 480
PWR: 465
PRY: 290
KNW: 120

--- Patchoulli ---

LF : 305
PWR: 185
PRY: 215
KNW: 430

So now I come to you, what do you prefer? Unique stat caps for each character in order to accentuate their strengths and weaknesses? Or cap free stat advancement with no negatives?

I'm putting up a poll on the matter so let me know! Thanks


And finally, have some art.

Art by Rairy

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