Saturday, January 9, 2010

Annnnd back to work

Art by Jimmyly

Okay, I think I'm gonna take a break from Nocturne Rebirth. I learned a good deal from playing it, so I hope to improve the quality of my gameplay even more.


First order of business is the menu again. I have two menus left to make. The status menu and the Soul Evolution Menu. I'm gonna do Status first, then Soul Evolution.

I'm using the same design as SEB2 for the status menu. So If you must see it;

Though Exceed and Burst Blocks will not be shown. To prevent stockpiling, I'll be resetting those values after each battle. Hoho~


On gameplay related matters, I've made some decisions. Well, two actually.

First is that Ether Spells will now be custom instead of based on the database. What does this mean? Well they can hit more than once now, and I can apply my custom algorithms to them so that it's more balanced alongside all those overly fancy Burst and Exceed skills. Plus, I can give spells Exceed Limits too! That automatically increases their usefulness. The drawback? I'll need to create a custom elements system so that custom spells are more or less effective based on the enemy. But I have a good theory on how to handle it. I think this will be great. :3

The next gameplay related decision? I've dropped the field HUD and the encounter bar in favor of touch encounters. Touch encounters are simply easier to manage than the encounter bar. I'll save the encounter bar for SEB2 or something.

And lastly, have a video.

This video shows some new enemy actions. The big one is the new Counter/Reflex abilities. Some enemies have a special ability that allows them to automatically react to a party member's actions. usually in the form of a counterattack.

Some abilities I've come up with are...

- Chain Counter - Enemy will crush Strike Chains and counter with own attack.

- Ether Counter - Enemy will counter the use of Ether Spells with their own spells.

- Burst Counter - Enemy will crush OBs and counter with their own Burst Attack.

- Exceed Counter - Enemy will crush Exceed Limits and counter with their own Exceed Limit.

- Sacred Counter - Enemy will crush Sacred Wills and counter with their own Sacred Will.

- Focus Crush - Enemy will punish focusing characters with an attack.

If you guys have any ideas, feel free to let me know!

Also there IS a difference between 'Reflex' which is shown in the video, and 'Counter', which is not.

Reflex immediately crushes your action and damages you.

Counter will allow you to take your action, but then you will be countered afterwards.

One is more severe than the other but you pretty much don't want to get caught by either. 8D


We're getting closer to finishing all the systems. Once we do, it's all just a matter of actually making the game for real. Gotta keep trucking.

To leave off, have some art.

And away I goooooooooooo

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