Saturday, January 16, 2010



So I've been doing stuff.

It's kinda dragging on now I have to admit. I'm only about halfway through my to-do list in regard to reaching the goal for actually getting to create the game.

Hell, I'll even put it up for all to see.

----- To Do List -----
- Outline story and characters at base level (DONE)

- Create starting party sprites and add to battle system. (DONE)
- Design and Create Base Menu. This menu is a lite main menu. It shows the party, their Next EXP and and other stuff. There only 3 menu options; Status, Advance, and Exit to Title. It also shows quest objectives for the forgetful.(DONE)

- Finish main menu. This means other functions such as ACT/WAIT changing and Stat Focus changing.(DONE)

- Finish spell effects. Earth, Air, Water, Healing, and other MISC effects needed.(DONE)

- Balance out the numbers in the battle system(DONE...?(not))
- Start and create custom spell and element system(DONE)
- Add elements to OBs and Melee EXLs(IN PROGRESS)(DONE)
- Intergrate the locks on EXL/SW for the Rank system (DONE)
- Create the Status Menu (IN PROGRESS)
- Create the Soul Evolution Menu

- Create Final Map sprites for NPCs, and party characters.

- Finalize all characters in battle. That means finish OBs and SWs, make sure they can target all possible enemies, etc

- Perform final battle system checks to make sure everything runs together as best as possible. Also, check balance. I am worried about spells. They may be too good.
- Perform final menu system checks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

- Start Mapping some areas to start.
- Begin game creation in earnest. <-- THIS IS OUR GOAL

This is going to take forever. I wish this could get done faster. =A=


In other news, I finished the custom spell and element system. Spells now follow the same algorithms as Strike Chains, Outbursts, and Exceed Limits. They also have the benefit of being elemental as well as having the same passive effects as the aforementioned classes of attacks.

Have a video.

This video showcases the new Ether spell method as well as the main menu and the battle ranking menu.


And with that, I'm off!

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