Saturday, January 23, 2010

I come bearing randomness

Hello peoples. I'm not really updating with SEM in mind this time. This is a random blog post mostly regarding other stuff!


I got back into Mabinogi. It's an MMORPG. This is probably a kiss of death in regards to progress, but I couldn't resist! I had fun with Mabinogi back in the open beta, so I came back to it. We'll see how long this stint lasts!

Right now I'm a level 14 Elf focusing on Melee combat. I want to learn some magic, but everything costs an arm and a leg! >:V


Sands of Destruction(Or World Destruction as it's called in Japan.) came out the other day, so I acquired it. It's actually pretty fun so far. It's a pretty normal RPG on the DS and not a stupid SRPG, thank god! The battle system reminds me the Xenosaga/Xenogears what with the sparse menu combat. I'm still trying to understand the game since the game doesn't even bother to give you a tutorial rundown on the battle system and menus. You just get thrown in. I managed to pull off a twelve hit combo with one of my characters and I have no idea how. I was just pressing buttons! It must have something to do with timed button presses.

Storywise, it's interesting so far. Your party is out to destroy the world rather than save it. But the protagonist is the typical country bumpkin who somehow ends up being central to it all in usual RPG fashion. I am curious to see how 'destroying the world' works out.

For a game about destroying the world though, the characters are all fairly lighthearted so far, I've found myself laughing a bunch of times. Makes me wonder how this will turn out with a walking comedy sketch of a party like these guys.

My one issue with the game so far is that I'm about 2 hours in and I have yet to have any real freedom. The events have just been railroading me from place to place for the most part. I want to move around and truly be free already! Don't be another Suikoden V!


In Sacred Earth news, I've been working on some sprites here and there. Have these.

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