Monday, March 15, 2010

Game Development has finally begun

I've finished the last menu finally. This means that all front end systems holding me back from making the game are out of the way. So now development on the game's maps and events are finally in full swing.

So what's my focus now? Well I'm mostly just mapping out the beginning areas of the game and creating character field sprites. Once I get things started off, I'll begin work on 'Chapter 1'. My possible demo completion point will be 'Chapter 1 & 2'. I say possible because there may not even be a public demo. But I'll decide later down the road.

Now onto my next point. I'm not a great writer at all. So I'm considering having someone look through the game's writing and fix/edit it once the time comes. I learned my lesson with SEB1 and Project DOAD. What's the lesson? Don't bother trying to write when you suck~!

With that said, have some screenshots.


And to leave off, have some art!


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