Friday, February 19, 2010

Character: Morrighan Alazne

Race: Demon(Nephilim)
Description: A fallen angel, or more specifically, she and her brother were born of demons who had angelic heritage. Very prideful and has a habit of treating others as lower than herself. She is quite spoiled and demands the best of everything. Quite an ego on this one.

Morrighan's combat abilities are a complete mystery. She seems to make use of a massive grimoire to create and amplify magic spells, but the exact nature of this is filled with question marks. It would be best to avoid her until further notice.

Morrighan and her brother were the children of nobles back on Ixtanel, the world where demons reside. This lifestyle has given rise to her spoiled and demanding nature. She appears on the continent of Garenia along with her brother, Tyr, and their contracted Summoner, Scion. They appear to be scouring ancient ruins for something, but no one knows what exactly. Gunnar and his friends who are helping Fae Lin, happen to come across them and things slowly begin to spiral out of control...

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