Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay, real update this time.

Joking aside, I do have some stuff for you all this time. I decided to do some skill overview videos for the party. I've also been usual. As I said in my twitter, the 'whip' effect is the most impossible thing to make!

Anyway, Video!

Youtube Video
(Resolution is too big to embed so, link it is!)

The video goes over Veili's OBs and her commands. A pretty brief video. But then, Veili isn't the most special character out there.


Annnd now have some sprites.


Now I know I've been really secretive about the story. But I've just made some huge changes to the story. You see those two dark skinned ones above? They're now an important part of the story. And with them moving in, some other characters are moving out to the sidelines. I won't say much more than that.

On the other hand I think I should express what my vision for this game is. The big picture I'm looking at is an open world kind of game. There's a story to follow, but it there's also lots of side distractions like quests, minigames, and side events with cameo characters. If you've played Paradise Blue, then that's what I'm looking to create this time around.


Annnnd we'll leave off with some art.


See ya.

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