Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sacred Earth History Lesson: Part 2

Axis Saga: The Angelic Demon was one of my lesser known projects. And probably the worst one. As much as I hate to acknowledge it's existence, it WAS part of the Sacred Earth Series.

The story of the game was that hidden from Miltiades were two realms, Monervera, the realm of Angels and the Ixtanel, home to demons. Angels and Demons, had a long established, yet shaky peace treaty. A single event would crush this already crumbling treaty. A halfling was born. Half angel, half demon. For an Angel and a Demon to conceive a child was the most vile sin that could be committed. War broke out. The Devil Lord, Feaj led the demons to battle, and the Arch-Seraph Anna led the Angels.

The child was taken to the safety of Miltiades to live a normal life, away from the angels and demons who would never accept her. Her name is Rasya.

21 years later, Rasya discovers her origins through an unexpected event and learns of the secret war that has been waged since her birth. After countless acts of aggression against her, she then decides to travel to the two realms with the hopes of stopping this war and bringing harmony to Angels and Demons.

Rasya succeeds in stopping the war by sacrificing her life and ascending to the land of the gods to become one of them. She then reveals to both sides that the one responsible for causing this war was Lucrevia, a rogue goddess who was using the war to gather power in order to strike down the gods for casting her out as well as retake what she believes was her rightful place. Rasya defeats her and the angels and demons both make peace and the world of Monervera and Ixtanel are revealed to Miltiades as their moons.


This game was by far the most detached from the rest of the series. At least I feel so. But there are a few obscure things to point out.

This game actually took place at the same time Mystic Legends. And both stories reached their high points and ends at around the same time. But the casts from each never met.

This game introduced Ixtanel and Monervera to Miltiades for the first time.

Rasya is still in the current series as a goddess, though she hasn't shown up yet. For a time after ML, she was actually the only one left. Since she became one right around the time the original gods fell with Guardia in ML.

Cyllya, one of the party members is in fact the mother of Priel and Patchoulli. She was a full fire dragon. Their dad was Aeru, a temporary party and NPC. He was human.

Chaos, one of the party members actually was the father of Lilith and Razhell, two characters in the current series.


And now for some shots of what the game looked like. I do not feel proud for having thought this game was good at some point. But it's still a part of SE history, so I'll have to bear with it. orz

Annnnnnd that'll be all for today. In SEM news, I'm working on the status menu, so there's that too.

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