Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sacred Earth History Lesson: Part 1

The Sacred Earth series started around 6 or 7 years ago with a game called 'Mystic Legends - Symphony of The Goddess'

It's story revolved around a dual scenario of two protagonists. A rookie mercenary by the name of Leon Elsa, and a wandering vagrant female ninja by the name of Mai Aizawa. These two had different stories that converged at certain points. So it would have been beneficial to play both scenarios.

The general story for both scenarios was that long ago, the gods of this world fought against of the goddess of creation and sealed her away. Her name was Guardia. Guardia had lost faith in mankind and had decided that the only way to save this corrupted world was to start over and erase everything. The other gods didn't like this and they fought together to prevent it. However, the gods all faded themselves as a result of the fighting.

Fast forward to present ML time and Guardia's children, Veldina, Lanaan, Felghana, Milenya, and Scyllya have succeeded in breaking the seal on their mother, and now she is free to erase this world without the interference of the gods. The gods in spirit form appeal to both protagonists to stop her and grants them and their allies their remaining power. With these newfound powers, the heroes do battle with Guardia's children and then Guardia herself. In the end the conflict had a negative effect on the world. Land all over Miltiades began to sink into the sea. The gods and guardia pooled together their last remaining strength to raise the land out of the sea and into the sky, where it would stay for an unknown amount of time. Guardia is defeated and in her last moments, she realizes that mankind isn't totally irredeemable and makes a promise to amend her mistakes in the next life. The gods fade as well and promise to see the heroes again soon. Guardia's children Lanaan and Felghana survive the conflict and go on to live normal lives among the people.


Some of the characters and events in Mystic Legends were actually the originators to some of the current SE characters today as well as setting up the current world.

Leon Elsa for example is Relima's father. Lanaan is her mother.

Mai Aizawa is Talin's mother.

Felghana is still actually in the current series. Though she hasn't shown up yet.

Flann was actually in ML, albeit her design has changed massively from here to currently.

Alzilory was in ML as a child and the events that made him the way he is in the current series happened in ML.

The world in ML was normal. Continents were on the sea and the world was a pretty typical earth. The conflict broke the land and the sea threatened to swallow up everything. The gods raised the land into the sky and it became the world it is in the current series.


And now for screenshots of how the game last looked before it fell. Please note that I no longer have this game project.

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